Nagekeo – Recently, the Nangaroro District in Nagekeo Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has been experiencing frequent rains accompanied by strong winds. This has damaged the roof of the SDK Kota library building, causing leaks in several places. Every time it rains heavily, water drips into the library room and soaks the carpet.

The school has taken the initiative to patch the roof. However, the leaks persist despite multiple repair attempts, with water still dripping into the library during heavy rains.

“This building has been here for a long time, and the roofing might be damaged and needs replacing. The school has planned to purchase new roofing sheets,” said Mr. Aufridus Nuwa Tai, the Principal of SDK Kota.

The principal discussed the leakage issue with the school committee. They agreed that the school would strive to purchase new roofing sheets immediately because delaying would worsen the ceiling and carpet conditions. A frequently wet carpet makes reading uncomfortable for students in the library, which is the main reason for prompt repairs.

According to the librarian of SDK Kota, the leaking room forces her to roll up the carpet and move the bookshelves to a dry place before leaving school.

“I communicated with the parents of the sixth-grade students about jointly repairing the school’s roof. They agreed, but the repairs would be done in the afternoon as they go to the fields in the morning,” said Mr. Aufridus Nuwa Tai.

Parents are working together to fix the library’s roofs

Agreeing on the time, the parents began working together to repair and replace the library roof. The parents enthusiastically carried out the repairs. Now, the library roof at SDK Kota no longer leaks, the carpet can remain spread out all the time, and the shelves are arranged properly, allowing students and teachers to comfortably read and borrow books in the child-friendly library of SDK Kota.