We have been spending two weekends in a row shopping for books! Last Saturday, some friends: Nugi Kusman, Victor Tjahjadi and Peppy Ahmad, accompanied me to go to Blok M Square to buy books for Taman Bacaan Pelangi. It was actually Nugi and Andi who brought me there. And, I was glad that they did it. That afternoon, we bought over 200 children books in total! Yeaaaayyy… it was so much fun!

And today, I went there again, by myself. Friends couldn’t join, unfortunately. But, apparently, this time I was more productive. I managed to buy over 400 children books in total! Huuraaaayy… The sellers were already familiar with me and they kept on bringing me books with different types and titles. They really made my task easier ‘coz I could just sit in one corner and choose all the books provided by them, without having to walk around from one shop to another!

I really enjoyed choosing all the books. Some of the books reminded me of my childhood. At times, I stopped to have some nostalgic moments with the books. Flipping through the pages really brought me back to my childhood time where I ran to my Dad’s room after school hour and sat still reading thick books about the Earth, Animals, Planets, etc. It was weird holding the same book (same title, I mean) years later, but under different circumstances.

After spending a couple of hours choosing the books, finally, I was ready to go home. And here’s what I brought home: 6 boxes full of books!!! Whoaaa!!! Thanks to you all for the donation!