Today, we established a new reading garden in Flores. The 10th Rainbow Reading Gardens in Flores is located in Iteng, Central Manggarai. Iteng is a small town in Flores, surrounded by mountains and rice paddy fields. What makes this town unique is the beach! So, this town has mountains and also beautiful beach, too! How lucky the people who live in this town…!

Rainbow Reading Gardens in this town is located in a local’s house. It’s a house of Mr. Man. Mr Man is a teacher of Paka Elementary School. He is willing to “sacrifice” his guest room in his house as a reading room for the kids. We feel so touched by his good will! Thank you so much, Pak!

This morning, I was accompanied by my friends from Labuan Bajo to meet the school principal. We wanted to tell him about our plan to set up Rainbow Reading Gardens in this town. The school principal loved the idea and thanked us for such a good initiative. Yeaaayy!! We’re happy, too!!

While we’re chatting with the school principal, the kids were all curious. They were all trying to hear our conversation by standing by the windows and in front of the door! Hahaha.. super cute!

After the discussion, we headed to the location of the new Rainbow Reading Gardens. The kids followed us happily. As soon as we opened the boxes contain of books, they were all rushing to the boxes and picking up the books that they like, then trying to find the best spot to read! Wow!!! We’re so happy to see the enthusiasm and felt very touched at the same time. It’s so obvious that these kids were longing good story books for children.

Rainbow Reading Gardens in Iteng is sponsored by Yacht Aid Global. We thanked Yacht Aid Global for the books and fund donation, as well as the continuous support given to our project. Thanks heaps, lovely peeps!