Havaianas Indonesia, a well-known sandals brand, is organizing a campaign to support us! The campaign is called “Happy Mind Happy Feet” and runs from August to October 2012.

How can you participate on this campaign? Very easy!

1. Bring books! For those of you who have too many used children books but don’t know where to store them, you can donate those books to Taman Bacaan Pelangi by dropping off those books at the Havaianas stores at Universo stores (in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta and Bali) and Havaianas Sunset Outlet. For every 5 books that you donated, Havaianas will take a picture of you (with a polaroid camera! how fun!) and put it on the “Wall of Fame” in their stores!

2. Buy Havaianas Kids & Baby Styles! For every pair you purchased during this program, Havaianas will donate one pair to the kids who have big interests in reading at Taman Bacaan Pelangi in Eastern Indonesia.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out your storage room and bring your used children story books to the Havaianas stores now!!! There are a lot of children in Eastern Indonesia longing to read those books! Or, you can also buy those cute kids sandals for your son/daughter/nephews/nieces and feel good that you also automatically donate sandals for children with much needed footwear in Eastern Indonesia! (ps: a lot of them go to school wearing sandals or even barefoot!)

Let’s help us in making this campaign a success and make the children who live in remote villages in Eastern Indonesia smile happily with the books and the sandals that we bring for them! Happy Mind Happy Feet!