On Friday the 14th September 2018, we inaugurated our 101st library in SDK St. Philipus Tanajea. This inauguration was attended by Rainbow Reading Gardens founder Nila Tanzil, representatives from the Department of Education, representatives from the Department of Libraries, and the school students’ parents.

Handover Banner from Founder of Rainbow Reading Gardens, Nila Tanzil, to Principal of SD Katholik St. Philipus Tanajea.

The headmaster of SDK St. Philipus Tanajea, Paskalis Kasa, said in his speech that he was very grateful to be able to partner with Rainbow Reading Gardens to revive the school’s library. Although this library is not located in a library building, and uses a repurposed classrooms, the school tries to make a child-friendly library. SDK St. Philipus Tanajea is located in the valley of a hill in the Nangapanda region, making it difficult for schools to get phone signal. The school principal told me when the Rainbow Reading Gardens team first conducted school selections, the school principal did not hesitate in trying to partner with Rainbow Reading Gardens.

Enthusiasm Shown by Parents and Guests while Observing Books in the Library

Not only was the headmaster excited, but the guests and parents also displayed great excitement over the library. They all worked together with the school staff to turn one of their classrooms into a child-friendly library, and they also worked together to make a fun and exciting library opening ceremony. In fact, as soon as the library was inaugurated, they all entered the library in droves to see the children’s books, and feel the soft carpet fabric against their toes.

Enthusiasm of Parents and Guests in Reading Books in the Library

Immediately they took the books displayed and read its content. Oftentimes we hear how happy they are with the books, even though they are much older than the books intended audience. They hope that their children enjoy the books as much as they do and develop a reading habit.

Students Fill the Library to Read New Books

The students, too, were excited with their new books. After receiving instructions on how to flip the pages of the book (so as to minimalize wear and tear), they each took a book and began to read. Sounds of student happiness emanated throughout the library building.

Students of SD Katholik St. Philipus Tanajea Get Lost in the Books They Are Reading