It was a beautiful Saturday morning when “Petualangan Taro (Taro Adventures)” came to visit us in Roe Village. Ibu Tata and Ibu Christine from Taro came with a group of 10 people and they were all ready to have fun with us. We greeted them with “Caci Dance” (a traditional dance from West Manggarai) – performed by two boys from Taman Bacaan Pelangi Roe. Also the girls performed some other beautiful dances and not to forget the “Tek Tek Alu” dance. Even though the sun started to get hot, the kids and our guests were all excited!

Tarian tradisional Flores oleh anak-anak di Taman Bacaan Pelangi
Kids of Rainbow Reading Gardens perform traditional dance from West Flores

Kakak Hiro started to greet the kids with some “breaking the ice” games. He was really good with kids and all the shyness from the kids’ faces slowly fade away! Kak Hiro taught them some songs with some movements and the kids learnt all the songs very fast! All of them looked so happy! Even happier when the group from “Taro Adventures” started to give them a cute uniform with a green hat! Some parents who were there giggled and laughed seeing their kids looking so cute in the “Taro Adventures” uniform!

Anak di Taman Bacaan Pelangi tersenyum pada acara bersama Petualangan Taro di Kampung Roe
cute smile of the kids at Rainbow Reading Gardens in Roe Village

The kids were divided into three groups. Grade 1 & 2 was group A. Grade 3 & 4 was group B. Grade 5 & 6 was group C. There were 3 posts that each group had to visit. On each post, there was one “instructor” who lead the games. Games were all related to literacy/children books. The kids were asked to read the book that the “instructor” gave them and after that the “instructor” would ask them some questions. Everybody got presents in each post. How fun!!!

Rainbow Reading Gardens and Taro in Flores, Indonesia
The kids playing games in a day with Taro Adventures

From the games, the kids learned many things, such as: about illness, earth, human anatomy, and many many more. Not to mention new songs that made them laugh!

Taman Bacaan Pelangi bersama Petualangan Taro
Kak Indri with the Rainbow Reading Gardens kids in Roe Village, Flores

Thank you, “Taro” snack for the visit! We surely had a great time with “Petualangan Taro” (Taro Adventures) team! It was such a memorable day for the kids because they’ve never experienced such a fun event before plus received so many presents, too!

We also thanked Taro for the books donation that they gave to Taman Bacaan Pelangi. Whoa! Those books were superb! Thank you!

To thank “Taro” snack for all the presents, the kids presented some more performances, which were: singing, dancing and poetry! Those performances called out the day with “Petualangan Taro”… we all went home with smile and fond memories of the fun day…

Foto bersama Taman Bacaan Pelangi & Taro
Group photo of Rainbow Reading Gardens & Taro