The following day was the opening of our 6th new library located at the Kondas primary school. Just like the previous school, the road was bumpy and difficult to pass. It would take a miracle to find smooth roads in the more secluded regions.

Alos, the principal of the school, called us many times to confirm our attendance to the opening ceremony. Every hour, from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m he would call and tell us about his preparations. He wanted to make sure that when we arrived, everything would be well and ready. We were so happy to see his eagerness.


When we arrived, we were surprised to see not only students, teachers, and parents but the village elderlies as well, who were decked in traditional garments and greeting us with their traditional songs. Before the opening ceremony began, we were once again presented with a live chicken, beer, money and a packet of cigarettes.


Sanda, a traditional Manggarai vocal group, began singing traditional songs with much enthusiasm. All the while, miss Ellen, the librarian could be seen discussing with parents about how the library system works.



About 1300 books have been distributed to the library. Students are eager to visit the library regularly and have been planning all sorts of activities that could be done with the library. Hopefully the 196 students will encourage their family and friends to read more and become more creative.