It is always be a joyful feeling to see something growing and developing, especially something that full of colors. We saw the colorful walls in the last two days when we visited some schools that still running on renovation process of the library. There are 10 libraries that still working on the renovation in attempt to establish a child-friendly library.

Cartoon and Ende traditional ceremony on SDK Wolototo library’s wall

During our last two days school visit, we visited SDK Puukungu, SDK Koanara, SDK Woloara, and SDN Wolowaru 3.  The schools are quite far from the city of Ende. But, we were so happy when we saw the teachers very enthusiastic to renovate the library.

Start from painting the wall with different colors, fixing the roof, until drawing some cartoons and some icons of Ende such as Kalimutu Mountain, Ende traditional house, and etc. All those things looks very interesting on that wall. Furthermore, some of motivation words for children to read book also painted on the wall. Everything looks incredible.

SDK Puukungu’s library seeing from the outside

In addition, the renovation is not only done by the teachers.  The schools also had been discussed and collaborated with parents, school committee, and school supervisor to renovate the library. This is the good start which is showed that education is not only teachers’ responsibility, but this is the duty of everyone should working for to make a better education for children. This is very exciting moment to see that people working together.

Motivation words on library wall at SDI ENDE 10

Hopefully the renovation process will be finishing in the end of July as our target, and everything runs well. Can’t wait to see this child-friendly libraries are being operated soon, and the children read their favorite books in their favorite library.


Written by : Widodo