Bali Usada, a health meditation organization, shows their love to the kids in remote areas by collaborating with Taman Bacaan Pelangi [Rainbow Reading Gardens] :).

Merta Ada, the founder of Bali Usada and a very respected person, expresses the importance of helping the children who live in remote villages in Eastern Indonesia through education. He describes the living condition of those kids – no access to electricity and water, let alone a library — thus, he encourages everyone to contribute in widening those kids’ horizon by donating children books to Taman Bacaan Pelangi.

Bali Usada & Taman Bacaan Pelangi
Merta Ada, the founder of Bali Usada, expresses his support to Rainbow Reading Gardens

There will be our drop box at all activities hold by Bali Usada throughout 2013! Now people who go to Bali Usada can not only meditate, but at the same time, help nurture children’s interest in reading by bringing books and putting them into our drop box!


drop box Taman Bacaan Pelangi di Bali Usada
Rainbow Reading Gardens’ drop box at Bali Usada

On behalf of the kids at Taman Bacaan Pelangi, we thank everyone at Bali Usada for the love and the great support to us. It really means a lot!

Thank you, Pak Merta Ada, Nia L Tobing, Cynthia Sudarto & Eva Muchtar for making it happen :).