It took about 2 hours by car from Labuan Bajo to reach the fifth library that was to be opened that week. The road was bumpy and full of holes, making our travel further than we’ve imagined. However the thought of meeting the students in one of the most secluded parts of West Manggarai was more than enough to keep us going.


In spite of the lack of facilities in the village and it’s distance from the main city, the series of ceremonies presented by the students and teachers of Werang primary school exceeded our expectations!

One of the surprises we’ve encountered that day was Randy, a 6th grade student of the school, who went in front of the whole student body and guests to read a poem he made for one of our team members, Monik. Monik was in awe and gave him a high five by the end of the poem.


The principal of the school, Hendrik, told us that the students have been working non stop to make sure the opening ceremony was successful. The school librarian, miss Opi, also said that the children have been waiting for the library to be open for weeks. The same enthusiasm was shared by the parents who went inside the library and picked books that they would read to their children.


We hope that the 1400 books that have been distributed in the libraries will be in good use and good care. We also hope that the 182 students will become avid readers and ready to tell their tale to the world.