Hello everyone. Since I haven’t posted anything so far, I thought some of you might want to know what is going on during my time on Flores.

Well before I start with that, I would like to introduce myself to you guys.

I am Leon Josef Erhard Weis, 19 years old, born and raised in Munich (Germany) and I am pretty tall; like 2m. In Germany I have always been interested in reading and sports. I was trainer of 2 field hockey teams since 2 years ago.

The work with children was a great fun and so on motivated me to do such kind of a voluntary service.

Now to the stuff I have been doing here on Flores.

Where I live?

While Henrik was located in Melo, my journey began in Dalong. Ibu Siska, the coordinator of the library in Dalong, has been together with her husband great guest parents.

Living with them and their children Opang and Aping aswell as the relatives Stephen and Ino was an absolutely amazing time. They were definitely a big support for my time there and most important they were able to get my smiling every day.

What was my job in Dalong?

Besides teaching English in the elementary school “SDK Longgo” and doing activities in the library I and my Dalong-crew were able to move the library from Ibu Siskas’s house to the school. That was necessary because her house was very far away from most of the children’s home.

Another point which made us relocate the library was now to be able to use the library during school-time. Because of the kind support of a local artist we also managed to create a big wall painting and got all in all a very comfortable, good looking and well-organised library, where the children always love to go reading.

Later this week I will join the TBP-workshop; already pretty exited.

I am pretty sure more stories about me and my life on Flores will come, trust me 😉

Dalong, 2016