The time is running in Melo. I am already 4 months and my arrival on Flores feels like it was just a couple days ago. I have started two big projects in the library. The first is called “City” and includes the purpose of giving the kids another idea of “living” in a totally different world.


For this project we painted, looked at photos and matched cities on the map. We learned about cities in Indonesia and other countries. We compared a city to a village and listed what is better in a city and what is better in a village. In the next week we are talking about activities in the city and opportunities.


I worked with my grade 4 on these project and we will finish it next week with a presentation about London of Sais and Ninggsi. I can´t wait to hear it!!! 😀


The second project which I worked on with my grade five is called “movie”. The idea is that the children produce a short movie on their own. I let them do everything except of shooting and cutting. The basic parts such as characters, story, plot, script, location, length and so on, have been chosen by them. I wanted them to see their selves on the screen and in action.


I included a small acting class in the library time in which we learned something about voice, positioning and teamwork as an actor. Three of the six groups finished shooting and the other three will be finished next week. I want the movies to be finished by Christmas, so I spent a lot of time with cutting and music lately.

In general I want them to learn something about media. Media is a field which is moving and developing so fast that I think it is important to cover different parts of this topic. Now they had their own development from book (each group selected a book as foundation) to movie.
I am looking forward to watch the final movies with you guys.


In the next weeks we are going to visit the library in Paka and we are celebrating the birthday of Taman Bacaan Pelangi.Obviously I am looking forward for my new adventures in a couple weeks but I am also sad about leaving Melo.


Especially Pak Yosef is a person I will miss a lot. He is just such a calm listener and speaker. He takes responsibility and is reliable. On top he has just a welcoming and open minded character which made me always feel happy to come home. I could not have a better host family in Melo. Although the kitchen was a little homogeny….living there has been a pleasure for me.


Melo, December 2015