There’s something new at Papagarang island that’s been creating a buzz amongst children, teachers and parents. A library has been recently renovated and stocked with new and colorful books.

A new activity has been added to their daily routine. Usually, after school, the kids would attend prayer group studies until 3:30 p.m. Afterwards they would go to the harbour and fish. When they’re lucky, they would manage to catch squids. The children would tirelessly round around the pier to play and jump off into the ocean. No day was complete without jumping into the cool waters at the end of the day.

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I visited the Papagarang island several weeks ago to see the conditions of the elementary school. Taman Bacaan Pelangi had have plans to revive a library that has been inactive for quite a while.

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As expected, we found the library soiled and unattended. According to the school, the library that was built in 2013 hadn’t been used because they weren’t equipped with the proper facilities and equipment to keep it in full use.

So I went to hold a meeting with the school and a few parents that took part in the school committee. We decided to help revamp the library and put it to it’s proper function. The whole school body was involved in renovating the library. Parents, teachers, and students worked extra hours so they could have the new books delivered. Now, after 2 weeks of hard work, the library is ready and running.

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On January 26, the school board and a representative of Taman Bacaan Pelangi officially opened the library. As soon as the children were allowed to enter, they ran in herds. The teacher who assisted them was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. Several teachers told me that they have been asking to visit the library ever since the books started to be on display.


In just a few seconds, the library was filled with the buzz of children reading aloud to each other. It felt as if we were in a fairground. The satisfaction I felt probably equals that of a merchant who’s just managed to sell out all of their products.


If only you were here to see the gleam in their eyes after reading books, we can conclude that books really do have a “magical” power that can make children forget about their surroundings and pull them into their own world. I’m even having difficulties to put my experience into words.


While some children chose to read out loud to each other, others stayed quietly in a corner, while others were fighting over a book. It was quite a funny atmosphere to be in.

Based on that experiences, i am more than believe that books is different thing. Books are able to give a magical moment to the kids. Their imaginations drift in freely and bring them to their dreams in the sky. one day, they will fly together and become a different person.


The importance of books to the kid also related with the importance of the library itself. Now, kids at SDN Papagarang have a new habit in the afternoon, and every afternoon we will find the cheerful buzz of the children. we will always miss the moment.

Happy Reading kids!

Papagarang Island, January 2016