Children of SDK Wae Bangka grade 1-5 on Monday, Feb 27, 2017 were having their day-off, yet they came to the school anyway to witness the inauguration of the school library. They have been ready at the school since morning, even when the ceremony was scheduled at 1pm local time.

Wearing their best uniform, they were waiting for the guests from Rainbow Reading Garden. I arrived earlier that day. After making sure that everything was in place, I invited them to share stories. All of  a sudden, I remembered that I wanted to learn Manggarai langauge, and I thought these kids can be my teacher(s).

While waiting, we sang some songs and shared stories in simple Manggarai Language. It is true that children are the best teachers. Without bother asking, they have taught me and they did not force me to understand right away. Using simple examples, Manggarai Languange brief course that day is very memorable.

Unfortunately, the course that day had to end because the guests had arrived. Hurray! The library is to be inaugurated soon!

Greeting by A Senior Teacher

After welcoming ceremony, a number of parties expressed their gratitude as their school was given the opportunity to collaborate with Rainbow Reading Gardens. Unfortunately, in the middle of the ceremony, the rain fell heavily and the electricity went off.

After the rain was about to stop, we agreed to do the ribbon-cutting and library inauguration.

The Rain About to Stop, Everyone Rushing to Library


Hurray! The library’s door was opened and the pink-painted walls were revealed. The interior of the library was made more colorful by the shelves and books displayed orderly.

Parent Taking A Look at the Book

Children were given the opportunity to come inside the library, and they directly rushed to the shelves and looked for a place to read. The time had finally come. The library, which was closed before, can now be visited, and the  story books can be enjoyed.

Reading at the Library. Finally! (1)
Reading at the Library. Finally!(2)

That day, one of the teachers of SDK Wae Bangka took her one-year old daughter to come inside the library. Lea, she was called, was also rushing to pick the book. Her mother accompanied her and introduced the books to her since her early years. 

Lea (1 year old) Choosing Books

It is true then, the library belongs to everyone. And I cannot wait to see Lea when she grows up, with access to quality books since she is one year old. May this library take these children to the highest education. And encourage them to pursue their high dreams, as high as their enthusiasm when the library is opened.