Tuesday, 28 February is probably a memorable day for people in SDI Wiko at South Lembor Sub-district, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. At 9am this morning, their library is to be inaugurated and ready to be used by the children, who have been longing for quality books.

The Elders and Students Waiting for Guests

The elders of Wiko were seen ready to greet Rainbow Reading Gardens team. Children were also busy getting prepared to get involved in this sacred ritual.

Indeed in West Manggarai, guests are to become part of the society once they are welcomed in a traditional way. It was an honor for Rainbow Reading Gardens team to be included in the family of many schools, including SDI Wiko.

Children Welcoming Guests in Line

As if the welcoming ritual were not enough, we were greeted by the students who made lines. They all smiled when we were walking pass them. 🙂

That day’s celebration, which was attended by the representatives from Education, Youth & Sport Agency of West Manggarai as well as village administration, was showered with gratitudes by every stakeholder. Gratitudes were delivered for the hard work of all teachers, principal, students and the community for willingly spending their time and energy to set up the library.

The most awaited moment has finally come, and the ribbon which had been hanging in front of the library door was to be cut soon. Hurray! The ribbon was cut and everyone was welcomed to see the library to “enjoy” the books available inside.

Ribbon Was Cut. Library is Now Opened.

Children’s curiosity about the books inside the library in the past few weeks finally paid off. They looked very happy seeing the books inside their new library, which is a collaboration between Rainbow Reading Gardens and Room to Read.

Busy Reading Books

In that same occassion, we also asked whether they wanted the library to last forever, and they bluntly said yes. Therefore, they were taught how to take care of books, including how to turn pages.

Kak Ebi Teaching How to Take Care of Books

Hopefully, after today, these students keep taking a good care of the books. Let this day be a day they will always remember, even after they grow up. Because it is not impossible that these books may take them to their success in the future.

Happy reading, dear little friends! 🙂