One of the steps to be taken in the establishment of a library is conducting a meeting with the committee or parents. This step is very essential as parents should be acknowledged of what has been happening at school, in addition to their children being the ones impacted by the establishment of the library.

Pic 1: Parents at SD Inpres Maki, East Manggarai, NTT

When I arrived at SD Inpres Maki, East Manggarai, NTT, a lot of the parents were present. Some were chatting with other parents. I greeted them and showed my brightest smile. Hahah… I was wondering if these people thought that I am a bule just like the children did since our first meeting.

Pic 2: Bapak Petrus Luin

It turned out a lot number of parents were coming. Even the principal, Bapak Petrus Luin whispered to me that the number of parents attending this meeting was more than the previous meetings. Wow… it pleased me.

Before the meeting started, I introduced myself to everyone in the room. Later on, we discussed the objectives of the meeting. After explaining about Rainbow Reading Gardens in a few minutes, many of them were amazed.

They smiled from ear to ear knowing that the school, SD Inpres Maki, would receive children book donation, and that the library building would be transformed into an attractive and comfortable place for the kids. However, Rainbow Reading Gardens and school could not actualize that expected library by ourselves. Parents should be involved and willing to take part. After listening to my explanation, parents said they were willing to help. Wow…. I could not stop smiling.

Pic 3: Gentlemen Ready to Work! 🙂

The promise to come working for the library was not a myth. When the library building was cleaned up and about to be painted, many of them came, especially the men.

Surprisingly, we were lacking in paintbrush and had to buy more paintbrush so everyone could help. Some paintbrushes were even borrowed from the closest mosque. Everyone was involved to help. They were working together.

Pic 4: Let’s Do It! 🙂

As a result, the library was all painted within hours, not days. During that day, even until this writing was made, I am still wowed by the very strong collaboration between parents and school.

Pic 5: Working Together

The harmonious relationship between school and parents will make the school easier to pursue their main objective. That educating the children should not be the responsibility of the teachers at school alone. Parents, in addition, play the most important role as children spend most of their time at home, not school.

Pic 6: Ladies Busy Cooking. 😉

The collaboration was still going strong even during the inauguration of the library. Now is the time for the ladies to prepare for the meals. What a harmony!

I hope the collaboration does not end here. When the library is used, and books are brought home, parents hopefully will be willing to guide the children when reading and studying at home.

Pic 7: Waiting for Their Turns

Thank you dear parents for taking part and being involved in the process of establishing a child-friendly library at SD Inpres Maki. It has been our greatest pleasure that parents and school are in harmony.

Pic 8: Children of SDI Maki, East Manggarai, NTT

Children are the ones who get the benefit. They will study better and of course grow up well and make you proud, just like what they have dreamed about, which is to make parents like you be proud of them.

Pic 9: Thank you!

Thank you dear parents.
We wish you a healthy and happy life with the kids.


Jayapura, 21.3.2017