The ladies have been busy since early morning preparing for meals for the inauguration ceremony of the library on Friday, March 3, 2017. I am always impressed by how enthusiastic these ladies are in preparing for everything, especially those related to food. Hahaha…

Pic 1: Busy for preparation! 😉

While waiting for the guests, children were also busy. Those who are assigned to perform dances, and those assigned to read poem were not less busy. Some were busy wandering while sharing smiles and stories.

Pic 2: In Style before Performing

The ceremony was almost one month after the first time these children started practicing the dance for the inauguration of their new library. They have been practicing one of the traditional Manggarai dances, Rangkuk Alu, since three weeks before the ceremony. What an enthusiasm! Rangkuk Alu is a traditional Manggarai Dance which uses bamboos in its performance.

Pic 3: Practicing Rangkuk Alu


Every afternoon we went to school. In addition to playing volleyball, we also practiced the dance and played around with our dear little friends. It was only rains which stopped us from going to school.

Pic 4 : Let’s Play!

Finally, what has been long waited has come. The ceremony started.

Pic 5 : Just before the inauguration

The awaited guests finally arrived. The Chairman of DPRD (Regional House of Representatives) of East Manggarai, Bapak Lucius Modo, Chairman of Commission C on education, Bapak Ambrosius Don and the members, as well as Pak Bambang of Filantropi Semesta Foundation were present during the ceremony. The library is a collaboration between Rainbow Reading Gardens and Filantropi Semesta Foundation.

Pic 6: Ribbon Cutting!

It was almost midday, but the weather was very friendly. It was a bright day, as bright as our hearts in welcoming our new library. Hihihi…


Everyone is content that day. Parents, who have been involved in this activity since the beginning, were also glad for the new library in this school. Bapak Petrus Luin, principal of SD Inpres Maki can’t stop expressing his gratitude for this good day.

Foto 7: Why So Serious? ;D

The children? Don’t even ask! They are all beyond happy. The new story books, which they have seen previously, have attracted their attention. They were always amazed of their new library. Everyone of them said they are happy for this new library.

Pic 8: Come dance with us! 🙂

Children who performed Rangkuk Alu dance were also cheering. Their hard work had paid off. Their performance was perfect. When practicing, some children may get squeezed in the bamboo. Yet they never gave up.

Foto 9: Showtime!

Today was indeed a good day. Everyone is cheering. Everyone is happy.

After today, those books are ready to accompany these children to dream.

Yes, dream as high as it can be.

Pic 10: Happy reading!

Have fun, dear little friends!
Have fun reading.


Lambaleda, 3 March 2017