Today is the most memorable day for children Rainbow Reading Garden SDK YPK Kanda, Sentani Barat, Papua . How come? They make new friends. Hooray !!! Ciputra Mall Jakarta team who became the main sponsor of their library came to visit the school today. Yeay !


Team from Ciputra Mall Jakarta who came was Director of Mall Ciputra Jakarta Mr. Rusli Agus Aryanto, Marketing Manager Mrs. Silvia Soesianto, and Public Relation Manager Mrs. Rida Kusrida.

Welcoming events

After being accepted through local adat by the students and giving noken to Mr Ruli, welcome ceremony was started. SD YPK Kanda principal, Mrs. Alfonsina Olua did not stop grateful for the visit of Ciputra Mall team who became the main sponsor of Taman Bacaan Pelangi library in the new school that she lead since February.

From left to right: Principal of SD YPK Kanda Mrs. Alfonsina Olua, Director of Mall Ciputra Jakarta Mr. Rusli Agus Aryanto, Head of Kanda Village Mr. Kostan Daimoi.

The parents of the students who attended also did not stop thanking them for the new child friendly library in the school and can be enjoyed by their children. Mr. Kostan Daimoi, as the head of the village also acted as chairman of the committee also welcomed the existence of the TBP library in the village that he leads.

Happiness is also felt by all the children in this SD YPK Kanda. They acknowledged and listened to stories from Mr. Agus, Mrs. Silvi, and Mrs. Rida gave them a new spirit to tirelessly learn and achieve their dreams.

Mr. Agus is reading stories to children ?
Mrs. Silvi is sharing stories about her profession as Marketing Manager
Mrs. Rida is telling the story of a Public Relations job

And the long-awaited moment came. 
Ciputra Mall Jakarta and Yayasan Citra Kristus  that shelter under it giving interesting gifts to all the children. The children were very happy and could not help but smile when they received the gift that afternoon.

Yeay!! Horray

All the children in SD YPK Kanda, principals, teachers, and parents are very grateful to Mall Ciputra Jakarta and Yayasan Citra Kristus that  given happiness to children at SD YPK Kanda today. We will never forget!

Shared photos in the front of the new library! ?

Thanks also to Mr. Agus, Mrs. Silvi, and Mrs. Rida who have come all the way from Jakarta to share stories and fun with the children of SD YPK Kanda in the library.

See you again and wait for your next arrival yes! 

Sentani, August 2017