That morning, when the teachers had just finished practicing reading aloud and shared reading with their students, during reflection session, the principal of the Mananga Islamic Elementary School said in front of other teachers,

“If we truly implement what we have obtained during this workshop, I am sure that the main problem faced by Central Sumba Regency can be resolved, which is about our extremely low literacy level”

Almost all teachers, including librarians, were also amazed. They only found out that the ideal library should have more than books and students reading. Library is when the the room is arranged in such a way that it is able to attract students to visit and has activities to be done during library period.

Apart from the lack of access to quality reading books for children in eastern Indonesia, another problem especially in Sumba, is that school libraries are not managed properly. This is not because of the unwillingness of the librarians, or the schools, but because of their ignorance of the ideal library management standards.

Rainbow Reading Gardens are present in the hope of being able to answer these problems. In addition to providing quality children’s books, it provides librarians, teachers, and principals workshops on how to use library to be a favorite place for students to visit.

Principals, Teachers, and Librarians received training for ten days before the library was inaugurated, which was divided into two themes, namely library management in five days, and session 2 on library period. The hope is none other than, after the library was inaugurated, all school principals, teachers, and librarians truly understand their respective responsibilities to create a child-friendly library. Because library or reading room will depend very much on the local actors around it.


Seeing the enthusiasm of principals, teachers, and librarians during library preparation before the inauguration, as well as their commitment to carry out what they have received during the workshop is proof that they have great motivation and enthusiasm in them. Maybe, they have not seen an opportunity to vent that spirit all this time.

New hopes began to emerge from Teachers, Principals, and Librarians about the better education of children in eastern Indonesia, starting from the basics, such as how children like and enjoy reading. This has also been a new spirit for the Rainbow Reading Gardens to keep moving, reaching more areas in Eastern Indonesia. Hopefully the steps that have been made always leave a positive impact on the areas reached by Rainbow Reading Gardens.

So, it might not be excessive if we say, every Reading Room that Stands, there grows hope of a change.