On 29th July – 1st August 2019, Rainbow Reading Gardens’ team held training with theme “Technology – Based  Child Friendly Library ”.  This workshop was attended by 36 participants that consist of ten headmasters, ten teachers, ten librarians, and six school supervisors in Ende.

Rainbow Reading Gardens’ team with all the participants

This workshop was special and challenging because it consists of technological touch. Furthermore, this technology was not only new for participants but also for Rainbow Reading Gardens’ team itself. Since this was a new thing, Rainbow Reading Gardens’ team and the participants of the workshop were really excited and enthusiastic. This was shown by the amount of participation from the attendees during the four – day- workshop. The Provisi Education’s team as our partner also showed the same energy.

Literacy Cloud on the smartphone

The technology that we introduced was a platform called “Literacy Cloud”.Literacy Cloud was designed to provide children story books , videos of reading activity and some resources that can be used by teachers, parents, and public.

Participants exploring the literacy cloud

The main purpose of this platform is to support children to improve their reading habit at school and at home. In addition, the books on the platform are available to be saved offline, and the videos and some resources can be downloaded through smartphone and Laptop/computer.

Participants work the activities seriously

In the future, this program will hopefully give opportunities for children  living in the eastern parts of Indonesia to access more story books.

Participants reviewing their expectations on the last day of training


Written by : Widodo