Monday evening, parents and teachers were seen setting up semi-permanent canopy in front of SDI Kakor, South Lembor Sub-district, West Manggarau Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The canopy was to be used by guests in the inauguration ceremony of Rainbow Reading Gardens library the next day. I witnessed and felt how sincere the teachers, principal, school committee, parents, and community were in working together to welcome the new child-friendly library.

Children were forming two long lines, while the teachers, principal, parents, and community were standing at the end of the line to welcome us, together with traditional leaders wearing Manggarai-style outfit while carrying a rooster and arak for the welcoming ceremony.

Rainbow Reading Gardens Team Greeted at SDI Kakor


Traditional Leaders Welcoming Guests

Teachers at SDI Kakor had been practicing the singing and dancing with kids before the opening ceremony. On the D-day, children wearing traditional costume were dancing very beautifully. Some other children were also singing Manggarai songs with their soft voice.

Children Dancing West Manggarai Traditional Dance


Winda, Grade IV, Singing with Her Soft Voice


The inauguration of Rainbow Reading Gardens library at SDI Kakor was marked by the ribbon-cutting by the founder of Rainbow Reading Gardens, together with the Head of UPTD of South Lembor and the principal of SDI Kakor. Meanwhile, the students, with their bright smiles and sparkling eyes rushed to the bookshelves to pick a book to read and sat down reading.

Children Reading at Their New Library at SDI Kakor


“You are never alone when you are reading books” Susan Wiggs

The inauguration of the library at SDI Kakor was ended by all participants singing and dancing to a Manggarai song, called “Mogi ye”. Everyone was drowned in the festivity and togetherness to support the advancement of education. I hope more schools in Indonesia can have the opportunity to collaborate with Rainbow Reading Gardens.