Our journey on Friday the 14th September 2018 continued from SDK St. Philipus Tanajea to SDK Puukou, our 102ndlibrary in Eastern Indonesia.

Banner Handover from Founder of Rainbow Reading Gardens, Nila Tanzil to Principal of SD Katholik Puukou, Gregorius Mega.

At the event was the head of the Department of Education, the sub-district’s DoE head, the village head of Tendarea, the village head of Timbazea village, the committee members of SDK Puukou and the parents of SDK Puukou students.

Head of Ende DoE,  Petrus Guido No, Inviting Students to Sing A Song Called “Pelangi-Pelangi”.

The arrival of Mr. Piet No, the head of the DoE, was like a breath of fresh air and the 102ndlibrary inauguration was injected with vitality. In his speech, which he opened by having the students sing an Indonesian children’s song called “Rainbow,” he reminded everyone in the room that education is like a rainbow. There are many colors in a rainbow, he said, and education also provides many colors to one’s life. Rainbows are also diverse, and diversity is its source of beauty. So in SDK Puukou, collaboration between various parties: the headmaster, the teachers, the parents and everyone else, creates that diversity which forms a thing of immense beauty.

Reading is Fun!

The official opening, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, of the child-friendly library at SDK Puukou was done by the Mr. Piet No and Rainbow Reading Gardens founder Nila Tanzil. Immediately after the doors were opened, parents and students alike flooded their new library. Such was the influx of students, and such was their ability to find a spot to read, that we can finally say once and for all that children are liquid.

Even Parents Can Enjoy the Books