On the morning of September 15th 2018, 8.45 Ende local time, Nila Tanzil the founder of Taman Bacaan Pelangi arrived at SDK Detumbawa in her ikat saroong topped with her foundation’s formal attire. She was accompanied by one of our supervisors, Ingkan Nasution, Armand W., the Project Manager, Sabrina E.Sarmili representating ProVisi Education and Bapak Kanisius Sae of Ende’s Department of Education. We were all there to officiate the opening of the school’s child friendly library. The 103rd library we’ve partnered with in Eastern Indonesia. Bapak Petrus Tika, the school’s principal couldn’t hide how proud he was to finally  become one of the 38th school partners we work with in Ende district.

Accompanied by students & Wanda Pau welcome dance, the guests made their way to the reception hall where student parents had already seated in their traditional Ende clothings of Lawo Lambu & Ikat Saroong, brimming with excitement to see both the VIPs and their children all dressed up and cute. Speeches were delivered lightly and briefly by  Bapak Petrus , Bapak Kanis Sae and Nila Tanzil with children performances in between each speech. Then it was time to cut some ribbons. Everyone was gathered in front of the bright orange library building, waiting for the VIP’s to make the ribbon cut that would mark the beginning of their child-friendly library. “Snip-Snap.”, off the ribbons fell to the floor and the crowd cheered and clapped for their new official school library.

Chief of Pre-School & Elementary division, Bapak Kanis Se delivering his on point speech about the importance of community cooperation in ensuring the development of a child-friendly library.
Nila Tanzil, Chief of Pre-School & Elementary School Division of Ende’s Department of Education & Perus Tika Principal of SDK Detumbawa standing shoulder to shoulder sharing a scissor that officiated the 103rd library.

In they came, the guests, the parents and the students. They saw pictured books to words-loaded books  displayed on the rainbow colored shelves.  The children devoured through them and soon as they had found one the enjoyed, off their faces buried in pages. Happy reading,Kiddos!

Our supervisor, Ingkan Nasution accompanying one of the early graders during their very 1st ever library visit. It is crucial that they can find the suitable book according to their reading skill.
“Read to us some more, Mr! You bring the Choo-choo train into life.” Little ones always love being read aloud to they’ll sit and stare in awe until we are done with the book.