Being one of the Youth Changemaker of ASEAN foundation, I have been motivated and learned many varieties. Through this opportunity, it taught me the importance of being a social person and the real change maker with regards to responsibilities I had to undertake.

Not until the end of project, I found some useful life experiences which tend to change my thought and attitude radically by working with motivated team and passionate people. Alongside volunteering project we maintain and build relationship with together as well with the local people, this demonstrates hard-working and collaborated team work which I am really appropriate.

In our responsibilities, we have conducted workshop and house visit for 14 meaningful days which it has allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills and self-discipline to train my communication skill. In a great many another way, we never let on doing debrief every night with together even we are exhausted. We always smile at the thought that we must make radical change for this society and we do it in belief.

I have endeavored to learn more about project management and I hope to continue this experience for my further qualification as a researcher and developer, and my future goal which I plan to run non-profit academic school. I am sure, this opportunity is strengthening my potential exactly.

The unforgettable thing, I have gotten out from my sadness for a long year and I have sought my own real passion for my life due to this project. Especially, I found the memorable relations which I cannot elaborate, awesome. I just wonder what could I possibly have done to bring all of them such important people together to my life. At the end of project, I was unable to mask my sadness and tear of the time say goodbye. We are created as ASEAN people to unite as ASEAN family through ASEAN Foundation.

Cambodia, March 2019
Chen Heang