Do what we can do! This phrase sounds ordinary for us, right? However, due to this current situation this statement has an extraordinary meaning.  Last November 2019, Wuhan one of the cities in China was shocked by virus that infected their people, this virus called Corona virus.

The socialization activity of covid-19 at school in Raja Ampat

As time goes by, this virus is getting stronger which is not only attack the people in China, but also almost all of the countries in the world. In short period of times the corona virus which known as Covid-19 has been spreading and infecting people in 196 countries in the world.

Since  the condition is getting worse, everyone must take an action to cope this situation. In order to raise the awareness of  people especially the kids at schools, Taman Bacaan Pelangi initiated to distribute the poster about simple ways to prevent the Corona Virus.

The socialization activity about covid-19 at one of the schools in Ende

In a short time, TBP’s team together with the literacy community of Ende went to schools to distribute the posters. We delivered the poster to the nearest elementary schools. In total, we have distributed the posters to almost 50 elementary schools around Ende regency. Furthermore, we also conducted this activity in West Sumba, South West Sumba and Raja Ampat regency.

The poster that we had distributed to the schools

There were some important messages that we delivered during distributing the posters, such as the importance of washing hands with soap and stay away from the crowded place. We also displayed the posters in the strategic place so that people can easily read the message.

Through this activity, TBP’s  team invite all of us to do something that can help to curb the spreading of Covid-19. Keep healthy and keep praying, hopefully this pandemic will be passed soon.


Written by Widodo